Ron Daniels, Regional Superintendent
Regional Office of Education #13 


Strengthening Young Children's Social and Emotional Skills: The CSEFEL Pyramid Model Training Series

Dates:             June 11, 18, 19 and 28, 2018
    This is a four-part training. Participants must commit to all four days. 
Location:    Lifelong Learning Center
    Kaskaskia College
    27210 College Road
    Centralia, IL 
Fee:    Free to Curriculum Cooperative Members 
    $250 for Non-Members and Out-of-District
Credit:  24 Credit Hours will be Provided
Presenter:    Elizabeth Frisbee, MA, MSEd, I/ECMH-C, Infant and Child Mental Health Consultant, Child Behavior Specialist
Description:    The Pyramid Model has been embedded in programs throughout the world as a comprehensive, multi-tiered, team-based approach to understanding children's behavior, which includes prevention, promotion, and intervention practices. Full training includes completion of a four-day workshop series exploring key components of the model: positive relationships, developmentally appropriate environments, social-emotional skills instruction and individualized intervention. The workshops must be completed in order and participants must provide proof of completion of the prerequisite days with registration for days two and four. 
Day One
During this workshop, participants will discuss the relationships between challenging behavior and social emotional development while examining their own attitudes about challenging behavior; and describe the importance of building relationships between children, families, and colleagues. Participants will also learn strategies that can be used to build positive relationships with children, families, and colleagues and be able to design effective early learning environments. They will learn the importance of consistent schedules and routines; structuring transitions; help children learn rules and routines with clear directions/expectations, and plan activities that promote engagement. This workshop will also provide an opportunity to look at how to use ongoing monitoring and positive attention to support children's social behaviors. 
Day Two
During day two, participants will discuss why it is important to be more intentional about teaching social emotional skills at an early level and be able to identify strategies for supporting the development of friendship skills. Workshop content will include the importance of emotional literacy and identify strategies that build "feeling vocabularies," while deepening participants understanding about the importance of providing opportunities for children to begin to understand their own as well as others' emotions. 
Day Three
During day three, participants will recognize and discuss why children need to learn to control anger and handle disappointment and be able to identify strategies to teach anger management skills. Participants will understand the importance of teaching problem solving; be able to identify problem-solving steps; recognize the importance of and identify strategies for individualizing instruction, and discuss strategies for partnering with families. 
Day Four
During the fourth day of the workshop, participants will identify the steps of the process of Positive Behavior Support and learn to define form and function of communication and identify the behavioral mechanisms that contribute to viewing challenging behavior as communicative. The steps of a functional assessment interview will be discussed. Participants will also understand and the development of behavior support planning, including strategies that may be taught to prevent challenging behavior; identify replacement skills that may be taught to replace challenging behavior: and identify how to respond in a way that does not maintain or reinforce the challenging behavior. Participants will have the opportunity to use the knowledge gained from the entire workshop series to develop a behavior support plan for a case study child. 
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