Tri-County Institute 2017 

The Tri-County Institute will be held on Friday, February 17, 2017 at the Centralia High School. Refreshments will be served beginning at 7:30 a.m. Six sessions will be provided for teachers and staff offering a wide variety of professional development topics from 8:10 – 2:00 p.m.  

Please note paper copies of the booklet and any handouts for sessions will not be provided. Participants will need to download that information from the ROE web site ( The booklet will be available by the end of January and handouts for various sessions will be posted as they are received. Please remember to print out the session sticker and evaluation sheets to bring along with you to verify your attendance. Once the sticker verification sheet and evaluation form is turned in to your superintendent, he/she will provide you with your professional development (PD) credits.  

Due to new regulations by ISBE, some sessions will be awarded an attendance sticker, but will not be counted toward PD hours. Any sessions that don't count as PD are indicated with a notation at the end of the session description. Participants will be able to earn up to six clock hours depending on the sessions attended.  

Names of the prize winners will be drawn from the list of participants that was submitted by district superintendents. Names of prize winners will be placed on the screen in the cafetorium. Check to see if you are a winner! Prizes may be picked up in the main office after 11:30 a.m.

Parking will be located in the rear parking lot of the high school.  Additional parking will be located at Calumet Street Christian Church at 2240 East Calumet, Centralia with shuttle bus service beginning at 7:30 a.m. Reserved parking for presenters only will be located in the front of the school where a parking pass will be needed to be given to the attendants. We ask that you do not park on the streets or parking lots in the area that are not property of the high school.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy the day!

Tri-County Booklet 2017 

Presenter Handouts 

Kim Adsit
Words, Words, Words 
ABCs and 123s
Differentiated Small Groups for Math Success 
Comprehension and Fluency
Games and More for the Common Core
Integrated Curriculum: Going Batty 

Charles Beaman
Hold On! I'm Coming
Are You an RtI Star?
Inclusion Without Confusion and Co-Teaching
Stress and Time Management
The Bucket and the Dipper
Classroom Management in the Differentiated Classroom

Kathy Brown and Sarah Martino
Bibliotherapy 101
Read Alouds and Comprehension
Who is a Superstar Speaker and Listener?

William Burd
Life Science is Everywhere (K-8)
Life Science is Everywhere (9-12)
Making Science Fun and Meaningful (K-8)
Making Science Fun and Meaningful (9-12)
STEM Workshop: What It Is And How To Incorporate It Into Your Classroom
Flying and Floating Fun (K-8)

Christine Christensen
A Year in Review: Special Education Law Update

Sarah Collins
Activities: To The Core Printables
Apples to the Core

Scott Crothers
Big Ideas for Little Kids

Donna Love-Clark
KidsSmart: Tough Questions Kids Ask
KidsSmart: Listening Behaviors
KidsSmart: Educators
Meow Chat: Cyber Bullying
Tounge-Fu: Tactics for Educators
Tounge-Fu Handout
Wacked Out Motivational Words
Wacked Out Stress Relievers

Cheryl Dick
Reading for Evidence
Six Essential Comprehension Strategies
Spell Without Memorization
Word Wall
Identifying Missing Foundational Skills
30 Mini Lessons 

Sue Dierks
Conscious Discipline: Creating the School Family 

Leslie Fisher
Web 2.0
Top Tools for the BYOD Classroom
Favorite Gadgets
Flipping Your Classroom
iPad A to Z

Stephanie Garcia
Math in a Minute (K-5)
Middle Years Math Catch Up
Number Line Integer Face Off (Session Four)
Mystery Roll (Session Three)
Games that Make Me Grow My Mind
Math Fun "Die" Mentals (Session Two)

Karen Haag
Reading for Evidence
Differentiated Think Work
Inference or Assumption
Opinion or Argument
Embed Grammar Instruction In A Way That Kids Ask For More

Gary Hake
Graduating, Now What? Entering a New World of Adult Services

Dr. Bryan Harris
All Sessions Handout

Dr. Susanne James, Dr. Barb Martin, and Dr. Anni Reinking
Virtual Simulation Lab, Social Emotional Learning

Dr. Sy Karlin
Components of Effective Unit Planning
Using Graphic Organizers to Teach Social Studies Content
How to Effectively Use the New Social Studies Standards
Preparing Essential Questions

Toby Karten
Divide and Conquer: Success Skills for K-8 Co-Teachers
Embracing Disabilities in Inclusive Classrooms (K-12)
Inclusion Strategies for Adolescent Learners (6-12)
Making The Common Core Cool and Attainable In Your Inclusive Classroom (K-5)
Technology: An Inclusive Educator's Best Friend
Technology: Literacy Supports (K-12)  

Dr. Barb Martin and Dr. Anni Reinking
20 STEM Ideas (Session Three)

Katherine McKnight
Classroom Apps in a Snap!
Differentiated Instruction for English Language Learners
The Homework Battle
Reading Strategies to Support Struggling Readers
Teaching the Classics in the Inclusive Classroom
Teaching Writing with Technology

Maegan Musgrave
Stop Comparing and Start Caring!
People of the Second Chance

Katherine Overstreet

Pat Pavelka
Struggling Readers and Writers
Building Academic Vocabulary
Writing Strategies
Formative Assessment
I Get It! Listening and Speaking Strategies
Reading Comprehension 

Kathy Perez
Increasing The Success Of Your Students With Learning Disabilities (K-5)
Increasing The Success Of Your Students With Learning Disabilities (6-12)
Teaching Special Populations: Curriculum Modification Strategies (K-5) 
Teaching Special Populations: Curriculum Modification Strategies (6-12)
Collaborative Conversations: Is It Really A Discussion Or Are You Just Asking Questions?
Strategies for Success: Study Skills and Content Area Reading (6-12)

Kathleen Reed
Mathematics Intervention: Filling the Gaps
Performance Tasks for Math
Powerful Math Activities to Reach Every Student
Properties and Patterns: Keys to Conceptual Development
A Different Way to Teach: Moving From Answer Getting to Understanding
Implementing the Standards for Mathematical Practice 

Dr. Anni Reinking
Family Engagement in Elementary Schools (Session Four)
Family Engagement Participant PowerPoint (Session Four)

Shannon Samulski
The Write Apps for All (Session Two)
Math Performance Tasks
ADHD Sensory Interventions
Intervention in a Kit
Intervention Strategies to Build Number Sense

Shari Sloane
Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, Fun
Shifting Math Instruction Into High Gear
Wild About Writing: Balance Literacy Writing (Session Five)
Brain Breaks for Beginners and Beyond
Early Aid for Your Struggling Learners
Increasing Comprehension and Fluency

Kendra Smiley
Unpacking from a Guilt Trip

Dedra Stafford
Three Secrets to the Happy Educator
From Pencils to iPads: Everday Activities for Every Classroom
Formative Assessment
The Real Secret to Classroom Success
Self-Efficacy, Grit and Mindset: The Keys to Academic Perserverance
Talking to Kids is Easy, but Dealing with Adults is Wearin Me Out!

Bruce Talbot
What Drug Is Your Student On?
Designer Drugs
2017 Trends