Ron Daniels, Regional Superintendent and Lorie LeQuatte, Regional Superintendent
Regional Office of Education #13 and Regional Office of Education #21


So, How's This Virtual, Remote, Hybrid, in your Face Teaching World Working for You?

The live sessions will also be recorded! Feel free to register for the session and either attend it live or have the recording sent to you once the session completes! The deadline to complete the participation activities is November 13!

Date:   October 30, 2020
Location: Virtual! Live!
Time: 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Fee: $10 (This is a Mt. Vernon Conference workshop, not a Curriculum Coop workshop)
Credit: One Clock Hour
Topic Category: Ed Tech; Remote Learning
Grades: All
Presenter: Butch Wilson
Description: A round table conversation with educational technologiest to celebrate what's worked, what we learned from what didn't and how we're dealing with it. Included may be some tips and tools; commiserations and maybe some sharp language. It's an open conversation. We'll take questions if possible and collect them for answering later if not. Have a question for the group? Send it here 
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