Tri-County Institute 2019 

The Tri-County Institute will be held on Friday, February 15, 2019 at the Centralia High School. Refreshments will be served beginning at 7:30 a.m. Six sessions will be provided offering participants a wide variety of professional development topics from 8:10 – 2:00 p.m.  

Please note paper copies of the booklet and any handouts for sessions will not be provided. Participants will need to download that information from the ROE site. The booklet will be available in early February and handouts for various sessions will be posted as they are received. Please remember to print out the session sticker and evaluation sheets to bring along with you to verify your attendance. Once the sticker verification sheet and evaluation form is turned in to your superintendent, he/she will provide you with your PD credits.  

Due to regulations by ISBE, some sessions will be awarded an attendance sticker, but will not be counted toward PD hours. Any sessions that do not count as PD are indicated with a notation at the end of the session description.  Participants will be able to earn up to 6 clock hours depending on the number of sessions attended.  

Names of the prize winners will be drawn from the list of participants that was submitted by district superintendents. Names of winners will be placed on the screen in the cafetorium. Check to see if you are a winner! Prizes may be picked up in the main office after 11:30 a.m.

Parking will be located in the rear parking lot of the high school.  Additional parking will be located at Calumet Street Christian Church at 2240 East Calumet, Centralia with shuttle bus service beginning at 7:30 a.m. The parking area in front of the school is reserved for those presenters arriving from outside the Centralia area.  A parking pass will be required to be presented to the parking attendants for the front lot. We ask that you do not park on the streets or parking lots in the area that are not the property of the high school.

Due to the Closure of Route 161 at Crooked Creek Bridge near Centralia you will need to take an alternative route if you are coming to Centralia from the west. (See for details and updates.) 

Here are some alternative routes:

  • Use Route 50 to Sandoval and take Route 51 South to get to Centralia
  • Use Route 177 to Irvington and take Route 51 North to get to Centralia

Thank you and we hope you enjoy the day!

Tri-County Booklet 2019

Presenter Handouts 

Kim Adsit
Mission Engagement
Presto It's All in There
Effective Classroom Management
Making Sense of Number
Hooray for Reader's Workshop
Ready, Set, Interact! Developing Writing the Interactive Way

Maria Banks
Proactive Teaching Strategies and Interventions for Challenging Behaviors
Ready to Use Strategies and Interventions for Fragile Learners
Constructive Chaos: Using Differentiation to Foster Collaboration
Differentiated Writing Strategies for Success
Vocabulary Development Through Reading and Writing
Reading for Evidence: How Do You Know? 

Bill Burd
Creating a Physical Attraction to Science in the Middle Grades (Session 1)
Hands-On, Minds-On Earth Science Grades K-8 (Session 2)
Hands-On, Minds-On Physical Science Grades 9-12 (Session 3)
How to Differentiate Your Science Instruction (Session 4) 
Inquiry Based Instruction - Teaching Science with Toys Grades 6-12 (Session 5)
Project-Based Science in Middle School Grades 5-8 (Session 6)

Teri Cox
Will Provide Handouts at the Sessions

Dr. William DeMeo
Rekindling Your Energy, Passion and Enthusiasm for Teaching
Bully Proofing Your School
Executive Functioning Strategies for Students
Guidance and Support for Students with Autisum
Sensory Interventions
The Impact of Poverty on Development, Learning and Behavior

Joan Gore
Digital Tools to Strut Your Stuff
Formative Assessment and Technology
Green Screen Magic
No More PowerPoint
Slammin' and Jammin' Apptivities
What's New? What's Hot? What's Cool? 

Melissa Dickson
Strategies for ELL
Strategic Reading Tools to Deepen Comprehension
Opps! Where's Your Proof - Finding and Using Text Evidence
Once is NOT Enough - Ongoing Assessmentn in the DI Classroom
Critical Thinking Skills That Boost Achievement
Ten Simple Ways to Differentiate

Ben Gwynne
EVERFI K-12 Learning Resources

Dr. Bryan Harris
Inside the Teen Brain
Pink or Blue: Gender Differences in the Classroom
Strategies for Students Who Drive You Nuts
Stress, Trauma and Resiliency: Building Skills in Struggling Students
Surprisingly Simple Ways to Boost Memory and Recall
Where's the On Switch? Working Successfully with Capable Students Who Don't Try

Dr. Roni Kronberg
Implementing Successful Inclusion in Elementary Classrooms K-4
Implementing Successful Inclusion in Secondary Classrooms 5-12
Meeting the Needs of Elementary Students with Disabilities K-4
Meeting the Needs of Secondary Students with Disabilities 5-12
Working with Paraprofessionals in Inclusive Classrooms 
Accommodations and Modifications for Students with Disabilities K-12

Staci McDaniel
Engaging Your Middle School Students in Math: Total Participation Techniques
Engaging Your High School Students in Math: Total Participation Techniques
Teaching Math Through Movement
Closing the Gap on Foundational Math Skills (9-12) 
Strategies for Struggling Middle School Students
Strategies for Struggling High School Students 

Donna McKenzie
Making Connections with Fractions, Decimals, Percentages and Ratios
Foundations of Number Sense
Mathematical Odds and Ends
Math Interventions
See What the Numbers are Saying: Visualizing Math
Make it Real - Mathematical Practice

Pat Pavelka
Will Provide Handouts at the Sessions

Kathy Perez
Curriculum Compacting: Instructional Adaptations for Student Success
Creating a Mindful Environment for All Students to Learn: From Stress to Success
Learning is Not a Spectator Sport: Kinesthetic and Tactile Strategies for Greater Success
Latest and Greatest Books for Secondary Students
Research Without Tears: Innovative Approaches to Informational Literacy
I Say You Say: Strategies for Developing Listening and Speaking Vocabularies

Dedra Stafford
Will Provide Handouts at the Sessions

Lisa Stephenson
Khan Academy Teacher Training

Donna Whyte
Owning Your Good or Bad Choices
The Facets of Phonemic Awareness
Reading for Evidence
Creating Successful Writers

Esther Williams
ADHD: Practical Strategies
Breaking the Bullying Cycle
Working with the Bipolar Disorder Child
Trauma Informed Teaching
Increase Achievement Through Parental Involvement
Teen Suicide