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Paraprofessional License Information

What is a Paraprofessional?

Exemptions Provided to Aspiring Paraprofessionals During COVID 19 Pandemic

Individuals who hold a high school diploma will be eligible for a short-term approval endorsed for a paraprofessional educator (ELS-PARA). Before the validity period of this approval expires, the educator must pass the paraprofessional competency test and apply for the ELS-PARA. Doing so will allow the educator to receive the Educator License with Stipulations endorsed for Paraprofessional which is required to continue to work as a paraprofessional. Educators can apply for the approval in their ELIS accounts. The short term approval is not renewable and requires a $50 application fee.  This short term approval is valid for three years.  

Requirements for Obtaining a Paraprofessional License

  • You must be at least 19 years old
  • You must have at least one of the following: 
    • Associate's degree or higher
    • 60 semester hours of coursework
    • High School Diploma or GED and a score of 460 or higher on the ETS Parapro (ROE 13 offers the ETS Parapro Exam)
    • High School Diploma or GED and the following scores on the ACT Workkeys: 
      • Applied Mathematics/Applied Math (with a score of four)
      • Reading for Information/Workplace Documents (with a score of four)

Paraprofessional licenses are valid for five years and may be renewed with the payment of registration fees. 

 Steps to Obtaining a Paraprofessional License 

Create an ELIS account. Visit At the very top of the page, click System Quick Links and select ELIS: Educator Licensure Information System. Under the Educator Access column, click the link, Log in to your ELIS accountClick this link to see an example.

Create an account and follow the prompts. You must be at least 19 years of age to obtain a praprofessional license.

Once you create an account and log in, click on Apply for a Paraprofessional Endorsement. You will use a credit card to pay a $100 application fee, plus a convenience fee.

Email, mail, or drop off one of the following to the Regional Office of Education #13 listed below and staff will scan it into your ELIS account:

  1. Official (unopened) transcript showing proof of associates degree or higher from an accredited institution and your high school diploma or GED transcript.
  2. Official (unopened) transcript showing proof of a minimum of 60 hours of college coursework and your high school diploma or GED transcript. 
  3. Proof of passing the ACT Work Keys Assessment and your high school diploma or GED transcript. 
  4. Pass the ETS Paraprofessional Assessment (a score of 460 or higher as evidenced on the official score report) and your high school diploma or GED transcript. ROE #13 offers the ETS paraprofessional exam monthly in our Carlyle office or by appointment in our Mt. Vernon office (618-244-8040). 

Once you pass the Paraprofessional Assessment, you will receive your test scores in seven to ten business days. Be sure to keep a copy in a secure place. A replacement copy of the test scores will cost $75.

Test Prep for the ParaPro Assessment

Click here for the Parapro Test Registration Form for Carlyle Office

Click here for the Parapro Test Registration Form for the Mt. Vernon Office

Registering Your Paraprofessional License

  1. After the state reviews your credentials, your license will change from Pending Review to Issued and you will need to register your license. ISBE will send you an automated email when they issue the license.
  2. Log into your ELIS account, click on Registration and follow the steps. With a credit card, you will pay $5.00 per year plus a convenience fee for your registration.

Renewal Requirements

The only requirements for renewal of your paraprofessional license is to pay the $25 renewal fee every five years. Professional development is not required for this license. Click this link for more information regarding renewal.

What does licensure allow a Paraprofessional to do?

  • A Paraprofessional with an Associate's Degree can serve as a Short Term Substitute (STS) teacher (must complete ROE #13 sub authorization process
  • A Paraprofessional without an Associate's Degree (60 hours) can serve as a STS, but must first apply for the STS license in ELIS and complete the ROE #13 sub authorization process) 
  • Paraprofessionals with test scores only cannot serve as STS and are not eligible for a STS license. 
  • Paraprofessionals with a Bachelor's Degree can substitute teach on the Paraprofessional license (must complete ROE #13 sub authorization process)

Substitute Paraprofessional Packet

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