Regional Office of Education #13

Serving Clinton, Jefferson, Marion and Washington Counties

WorkshopMarkerInstructions: Click on the workshop title for more information and to get the registration link. Click on the Class List link to determine if you are registered for the workshop. Class lists are updated weekly. Please check back if you do not see your name on the list. If your name is not on the list - you are not registered to attend. Be sure your email address is correct when you register. If you have questions regarding your registration, please call Lynette at 618-548-3885.

Everyone is welcome to attend our professional development. ROE 13 offers the services of the Curriculum Cooperative. Our districts pool their funds to be able to provide excellent presenters and programs. If your district does not belong to the Curriculum Coop, they are eligible to join or we offer the option of billing your district for your participation (or you may pay as an individual).ROE 13 also provides some offerings free of charge. You can also check out TeachIllinois for more offerings.

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Regional Office of Education #13 In-Person and Virtual Offerings

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Crisis Management for School-Based Incidents: Parterning Rural Law Enforcement/First Responders/Schools 08/22/23
Dare to Lead: Brave Work, Tough Conversations, Whole Hearts Book Study  09/01-28/23
Educational Technology Roundtable 09/13/23
3D Printing FUNdamentals - Hands On! 09/20/23
STEM for the Year! 09/21/23
Those Who Can 't...Teach Book Study 10/02-30/23
Foundations of Reading: Fun with Phonics! 10/02-30/23
Introduction to the Danielson Model for Teacher Evaluation 10/18/23
Foundations of Reading: Reading Fluency 11/01-27/23
Assessing Student Threats: Implementing the Salem-Keizer System 11/09/23
Stepping Up Your Science Program 11/15/23
The Science of Reading: What is it and How to Apply It? (Five-Hour Class; In-Person) Excellent Information!
Leaving Poverty on Purpose and for Good 11/28/23
Foundations of Reading: Teaching Vocabulary 12/01-29/23
Educational Technology Roundtable 12/11/23
Foundations of Reading: Reading Comprehension 01/02-30/24
Awakened: Change Your Mindset to Transform Your Teaching: (Second Edition) Book Study  01/02-01/29/24
From Ideas to Creation: Empowering Educators to Bring Practical Maker Applications to the Content Areas 01/22/24
Keep Them On The Edge of Their Seat! 01/25/24
Words Have Power: Academic Vocabulary Training 02/01-17/24
Handwriting Brain-Body DisConnect: Adaptive Teaching Techniques to Unlock a Child's Dysgraphia Book Study 02/01-29/24
Educational Technology Roundtable 02/07/24
Clarity in Assessment Literacy Cancelled 02/09/24
Recommitting to Best Practices in Reading 02/21/24
Identifying and Intercepting School Violence Through Cyber-Investigation 02/20-21/24
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Classroom 02/26/24
Creative Classroom Management Two Sessions K-4 and 5-8 02/28/24
Teach Smarter, Not Harder: Harnessing AI Tools for Dynamic Classroom Content Creation 02/29/24
Literacy for All Middle and High School Classrooms 03/01-28/24
Flipping the Classroom with Screencasting and Video Editing: Empowering Teachers for Engaging Learning 03/20/24
Educational Technology Roundtable 04/10/24
Digital Whiteboard Magic: Mastering Google Jamboard for Effective Collaboration 04/25/24
Comprehensive Orton-Gillingham Training 06/10-14-24
Student Leadership Book Club Summit 06/12/24
Engagement 2.0 - Minds ON! 06/17/24
Ron Clark Academy 06/18/24

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Jefferson County
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Marion County
1475 West Whittaker Street, Salem IL 62881
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