The Alternative Learning Academy 

The Alternative Learning Academy offers comprehensive educational options and a broad range of educational services to students who are at risk of academic failure. Brad Weathers is the Director of the Academy and Kim Voss serves as the Principal. 

Eligible Students

At-risk students served at the Alternative Learning Academy are referred through the local school districts. This process involves the superintendent, principal, or other staff members as designated by the local district. A complete referral form is necessary before a student can enroll in the program.

Once a student is referred to the Alternative Learning Academy, a staffing is set up by the director to determine proper placement for the student. The staffing will include the student, parents, principal or superintendent of the sending district and the ALA director. Staff from the Kaskaskia Special Education District would also attend if the student is receiving special education services. The final decision to accept a student into the Alternative Learning Academy remains with the program director.

Alternative Learning Academy Classes

The Alternative Learning Academy offers teacher–lead coursework as well as state-of-the-art online classes that enable the student to achieve grade promotions or a high school diploma. Classes are offered to students in grades six through twelve. Emphasis is placed on providing core curriculum as well as developing life and career/job skills. Educators at the ALA hold valid Illinois teaching licenses and participate in regular professional development.


Community Service 

Community service is an important part of the program offered at the Alternative Learning Academy. Throughout the school year students and staff have the opportunity to serve their communities while learning life skills and the importance of community.

Fireside2Students at the ALA create a water garden for the residents of the Fireside Nursing Home.

Behavior Modification

An important component of the curriculum at the ALA is the Why Try? program.
The Why Try? program is designed to help motivate and give students the tools to be successful in school and in life. The program teaches social and emotional principles to youth in a way they can understand and remember.

 WhyTryTeam2ALA students develop their teamwork skills utilizing the WhyTry? program!

ALA Contact Information

Alternative Learning Academy
501 North Elm
Centralia, IL 62801
Phone: 618-533-3935
Fax: 618-533-3936