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Regional Office of Education #13


Teach - Train - Thrive

Part One

Date:             September 20, 2022

Location:      Kaskaskia College Salem Education Center
                      1475 West Whittaker Street
                      Salem, IL

Time:           Registration 8:00 a.m.
                     Program begins at 8:30 a.m.
                     Program concludes at 3:30 p.m.

Fee:             Free for Everyone (Paid for through the Community Partnership Grant)

Presenter:  Dr. Lani Lawson

Description: There are certain topics that must be mastered for teachers to feel confident and happy in their classrooms. Educators have an incredible knowledge in the content they would like to convey, and an incredible passion for working with students. What might be missing is the study of how to cultivate ideal classroom behavior from their students to be able to effectively teach. This six hour workshop is divided into five subjects.

Teach - Train - Thrive Curriclum
Master Mindset
Motivation = Movement
Teaching Trust
Data Worth Doing
Put it in Play

Mastering Mindset: Some of our students have been through incredible trauma. Some don't display the behavior necessary to be available to learn. In this section, we will discuss the mindset necessary to understand behavior. More so, how to alter our own mindsets to dealing with behavior. We know educator burnout is a very real thing and that behavior is a large portion of that. We can give an educator the best behavior plan ever, but if their mindset is not there, the plan won't work. So we address that first and use it as the base for the rest of the workshop.

Motivation = Movement: We know behavior has motivating factors. The key is that it's different for every person, student as well as educator. The good prt is that they all fall into four categories. During this section, Lani dives deep into the motivating functions of behavior in order to give educators a great understanding of why behavior is unique to each student. Once educators learn the "why," it makes the "how," much more attainable.

Teaching Trust: Think back to the best educator you've ever had. The one that said open your book up to this page and everyone in the classroom listened, and complied, and they were happy. That is what instructional control looks like, and that is what teaching trust is all about. While educators are the authorities in their classrooms, they still need to earn their student's trust to get true buy-in. We behave better for people we trust. We would walk through fire for those we feel to be authentic. Teachers who master this tap in to student motivation and have classes that work cooperatively with each other. Quick, in the moment strategies provide educators with research-based tricks to implement immediately that don't require advanced planning.

Data Worth Doing: Data can be transformative in how we use it to engage in our classrooms. But it must be closely aligned to our goals. Data also must be manageable for a classroom teacher to complete without causing added stress. This subject provides take home strategies for data collection that are quick, accurate, and helpful.

Put it in Play: "Knowledge is power." We've all heard that statement and it is profound. The problem is, it's incomplete. Knowing something is great but if we can't implement it, what use is it? The heart of this subject  is taking all the knowledge our educators have gained so far in this workshop and teaching them how to apply it in their classrooms. Our strategies embrace everything that makes up a classroom. Educators walk away confident with plans ready to implement.

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