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Regional Office of Education #13


Those Who Can't...Teach

Date:    October 2 - 30, 2023
Location:   Virtual Book Study
    Participants will be contacted with an introductory email with participation details.
Fee:   Free for Curriculum Cooperative Members
    $125 for Non-Coop and Out-of-District
    Participants must purchase or borrow the book
    For an autographed copy
    The book is also availabe on Amazon and was a Top 10 Best Seller when it was released.
Credit:   Eight CPDUs
Presenter:   Shelley Kenow, IEP Consultant
Description:   Why would a teacher write a book and make the title from a saying no teacher likes?  As teachers we all hate the saying "Those who can do and those who can't teach" right?  We hate it because it insinuates that somehow we are less than all the other professions and that we aren't capable.  The people in the pages of this book feel that way all the time, too.  Each chapter is a different true story of an individual or family who were told, "You can't (be happy, have a fulfilling life, walk, talk, read, write, go to college, etc)" by a medical professional, teacher, school system, family member, friend, etc. and many are still hearing those words every day.  These stories are told from the student and/or parent's perspective.  Shelley Kenow knows each individual in the book and has had the privilege of teaching a few of them.  She ends each chapter with what she was taught by knowing the individual, family, or both.

We strive to bring our educators excellent presenters and of course that comes with a cost. When our teachers and administrators register to attend a workshop or administrator academy, we expect them to honor their intention to participate. As we move forward, there will be a charge of $125 for participants who register for this offering, but do not attend. Please notify our office five days in advance if you cannot participate.

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