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Teach - Train - Thrive

Part Two

Date:             June 13, 2023

Location:      Kaskaskia College Salem Education Center
                     1475 West Whittaker
                     Salem, IL

Time:           Registration 8:00 a.m.
                    Program begins at 8:30 a.m.
                    Program concludes at 3:30 p.m.

Fee:             Free for Everyone (Paid for through the Community Partnership Grant)

Presenter:  Dr. Lani Lawson

Description: For certain school district educators, a deeper understanding of behavior is necessary to be able to lead the change in the district. There are many situations in which a more practiced craft is needed to be able to provide students with appropriate support. An added challenge is the vast research to practice gap, meaning that strategies being used in schools are not the most recent or research-based. In this workshop, educators will learn research-based techniques that have not yet made their way to schools. They will also learn more about the causes of common classroom behavior.

Teach - Train - Thrive Part Two

Dig Deeper
Ditch and Switch
Build Better BIPs
Supporting Students

Dig Deeper: This section is all about fine tuning behavioral skills of any educator. At the beginning of this workshop, educators will do a quick self assessment to determine the appropriate lens through which to view training. Knowing their own strengths and deficits will allow them to focus their experience in a way that will benefit them most. The content then digs deeper into understanding the motivation behind behavior and how to assess it, as well as addressing common barriers to having an optimistic mindset towards behavior.

Ditch and Switch: There are some extremely common behavioral practices in classrooms that, if adjusted slightly, would be incredibly effective at changing behavior. Learning these little habits that could be easily switched out for more effective ones is very helpful for educators. These are low effort/high impact changes any educator could consider making.

Building Better BIPs: As school BCBAs walking into multiple districts in recent years, we've notice that there are several research based practices that aren't present in classroom routines or Behavior Intervention Plans. These are strategies that we frequently have success with when writing into our own school BIPs and would like to share with district educators. Each technique will be described individually. In addition, the content will be focused on how to choose which tools n your tool box can be combined to create the perfect behavior plan.

Supporting Students: Students learn and grow over time and behavior tends to mature with them. Along the journey of supporting a student with probematic behavior, it's very common that the team will need to take the time to switch gears and reassess. This section will focus on how to support students over time as those need arise.

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