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Regional Office of Education #13


Writing and the IAR Test

Dates: December 1, 2022 through January 3, 2023
Location:   Through emails! Self-paced! You will have weeks to complete the tasks and respond via email!
    No Zoom or Google Meets!
Time:   The link to the presentation will be sent December 1, 2022. Tasks will be embedded in the presentation and participants will email their assignments to the presenter.
Credit:   Eight Contact PD Hours
Fee:   Free for Curriculum Cooperative Members
    $125 for Non-Coop Members and Out-of-District
Presenter:   Barbara Preston

Reading and writing go together.  Many students need to form some background knowledge in order to write.  Reading provides the background knowledge.  The IAR test uses already published reading content for students to comprehend.  The test then asks students to take in the information and  analyze it with different tasks that ask students to support their answers with evidence from the content they read, viewed, or heard.

 In order to understand the IAR questions, teachers need to make students aware of the academic vocabulary used in the IAR questioning and begin to set up questions and tasks that mimic these.  This will support student’s ability to confront the vocabulary and understand what to do with a Literary Analysis Task, Narrative Task, or a Research Simulation Task. 

Districts need to set up a plan so that common vocabulary, annotations, writing organizers, and cold reads and writing are planned throughout the year.  This training will provide tools for students to use before the IAR test is in front of them.  Adults do not take a driving test without the tools to know the information to complete the test.  Students need the same support. 

    We strive to bring our educators excellent presenters and of course that comes with a cost. When our educators register to attend a workshop, we expect them to honor their intention to participate. As we move forward, there will be a charge of $125 for participants who register, but do not attend.
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